Granny Flat Builder

Everyone deserves to stay in a house they feel the most comfortable in, whether it is a cottage or a granny flat. Hamro Construction LLC’s team of home builders includes skilled granny flat builders as well. We aim at providing our clients with A1 service, regardless of the type of home they want us to build for them. Granny flats are quite trending in the residential construction industry these days and our professionals can guide you effectively from the concept stage to construction. There are many benefits associated with building a granny flat!

  • Serves Growing Family
    Growing parents and children both requires extra care and extra space, the best-fitted resolution for homeowners is to build a granny flat to shelter the growing family. It is the best place for generations to enjoy privacy and independence.
  • Maximize Your Property Value
    Any extra addition to the space certainly attracts buyers, adding value to the property. In the new era, a well-constructed and planned granny flat will surely give a return on your investment. Besides this, you can rent your granny flat to earn some extra passive income.If you want a simple one-bedroom granny flat built to be used as a home office, for rent, etc, connect with us soon. We specialize in creating value for your space in the most cost-effective manner. These unique home designs are the next big thing in construction, so if you are thinking about building it on your property, let’s discuss it today!
  • Assist with mortgage repayments
    Needless to say: a persistent soaring in the interest rates by banks essentially means that you need to think seriously before taking a loan. Home loans are in fact quite difficult to be maintained. Granny flats on the other hand are not only easy to be constructed but evolve a way better option than buying a completely new investment property. It generates rental income that can seriously help you in mortgage repayments.
  • Turn it into a Guest Room
    Travelers are always hunting for comfortable accommodation facilities within their budget range. This is where companies like BnB have thrived immensely by providing their congregating users with home-like services. You can also think of implementing the same strategy to draw additional money.
  • How much space is needed for Granny Flats?
    The amount of space needed for your flat will fundamentally depend on the following reasons:

    • You may take the privilege of conversion ADUs in which an existing space of the main unit can be converted into a granny flat. For instance, if your space has a garage, the same can be morphed into a separate, one-bedroom living space.
    • The existing building can also be extended by attaching granny flats. This approach may involve converting part of the main unit and extending it to an extent.
    • The concept of detached granny flats can also be considered whose structures are completely separate from the main home.

    So, the gist is: the amount of space on your property, the conditions of your lot, and your budget are some of the parameters that will help you decide which granny flat you will be able to build. Additionally, if space is a constraint, a simple garage conversion can emerge as a viable option. A train of thoughts about detached granny flats may also encompass your mind.

With time housing needs change, a granny flat offers the flexibility to use the space as per requirement either for aging parents or extended family or close friends.

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