Casita Builder

Hamro Construction LLC is a family of dedicated general contractors who can build the finest custom home for you. From planning, designing, to building we will stay committed to the process and ensure that you are more than happy with the results. After you contact the skilled Casita builders at Hamro, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Casita is a Spanish word, means a “little house”- simply put it is a separate living space with its own entrance, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. They are usually constructed either at the front of the home or behind the home.

Why opt for casita?

  • Rest And Relax Zone
    Casita space can be used by the family members to relax and unfold the hustle-bustle of life. Additionally, many homeowners turn the casita into their home theatre, gaming zone, and party area. The best way to add a fun zone at your dwelling without disturbing others is by constructing a casita!
  • Passive Income
    The new age Airbnb living idea has allowed homeowners to earn passive income by renting their casita space. Along with increasing the property value-adding a casita helps owners to potentially make extra income.

    From earning extra money to additional storage space there are a plethora of benefits one can reap by constructing casita space. Looking for the best casita builder in your area? You are at the right spot- At Hamro!

    We will discuss the initial plans with you, pitch ideas, and finalize how to go about the renovation process. Then we will create a custom design for you, show you the design of your dream casita, and begin the main task. Our builders will keep you connected from the start of construction to the very end so that we can make sure that that we do our best to turn your vision into a reality.

Why embrace our services?

If you wish to build a separate living space with its own entrance or simply Casita, you are advised to take the professional services of a builder to get such errands fulfilled. At Hamro, we strive to guide you through the process of development, design, construction and approval. We make extra efforts to ensure that we stand beyond your expectations by diligently implementing the following parameters to set the seal on creating trust, minimizing mistakes, and finally achieving exceptional results.

  • Initial Consultation
    Before beginning the process of construction, our policy is to conduct an initial consultation. Here discussions in context to pivotal matters like your goals, objectives and budget will imperatively take place.
  • Design
    During this phase, our team of aficionados will enlighten you with different designs that will best suit your property. Of course, you are empowered to share your suggestions too.
  • Pre-Construction Meetings
    The agenda of such meetings is to minimize the advent of flaws and to accelerate the construction process. We’ll meet with you to review every detail to ensure that everything is accomplished in a streamlined manner.
  • Communication throughout the process
    Giving persistent updates on daily construction is one of the primary things on our list. You can get the same through text messages, emails, or directly on the phone. This approach also ensures transparency at every point.
  • Attention to detail
    In order to minimize the advent of flaws, our team of experts is committed to doing incessant inspections. If they find the prevalence of an error, they will leave no stone unturned to fix it.

Let’s begin the process

If you have liked the way we work, don’t waste further time and connect with us. You are likely to gain a memorable experience by tying hands with us.