Bathroom Remodeling In California

The bathroom is the most underrated room in the house. When renovated properly, it can be the most calming and relaxing place on your entire property. Are you ready to remodel your bathroom? Get the best premium bathroom remodeling service at Hamro Construction LLC. We are a team of expert bathroom remodelers allowing you to luxuriate your bathroom. Our licensed contractors will work within your budget to fulfill your minor or major bathroom remodeling requirements. We are well-aware of the current bathroom remodeling trends and will offer you the top options to choose from. For a project as delicate as these, the smallest of details matter. So, we will use all our resources to build a perfect bathroom for you, with a modern touch or traditional finish- whatever you have in mind.

Why it makes sense to renovate the bath space?

  • Correct certain features
    Whether it is the sink that incessantly leaks or cracked tiles, the modality of bathroom remodel saves you from such hassles. It helps homeowners to overcome such frustrating components of the bathroom.
  • Add more space
    Another significant benefit of a bathroom remodel is its storage augmenting capacity. Several cabinets could be added to preserve things that otherwise are the leading cause of clutter.
  • More luxurious and more modern
    Remodeling a bathroom means adding some of the luxuries of the modern age. This is a substantial step towards making this space luring, functional and enjoyable. People already having implemented this approach seem to be quite content with their decision.

Getting your bathroom remodeled indeed requires a tremendous amount of effort and creativity. This is why; our pros meticulously check each and every component of this underrated room to ensure that each one of them is in its elite state. Some of the things that need remodeling to make your bathroom aesthetically pleasing include:


We create the most trending cabinets that won’t only appear beautiful but will have the potency to brave high moisture levels inside your bathroom. Plus, these cabinets will have enough space empowering you to garner things like linens, toiletries, and bathing products with ease.

Vanity tops

Vanity tops should be made of the best quality material that substantially increases their life span. Our pros also rely on the same belief. The tops we install have high durability and thus can last for several years. Moreover, they can be readily cleaned and can be tailored to match the color of your cabinets and walls.


Upgrading shower enclosures and showerheads should be considered a priority as reforming them can accentuate the appeal of your bathroom bountifully. So you can expect a spa-like ambiance every time you take a shower. Besides that, our professionals will diligently look for other aspects like plumbing, electrical connections, shower doors and so on.


The first thing that a person glances at after entering a bathroom is its flooring. It should be alluring and at the same time non-slippery. Don’t fret; these things are on the top of the lists of our pros.


Bathing in a bathtub can help you achieve a mellow vibe type feeling, especially after a stressful day. It is also known to improve mood patterns and improve blood circulation. We install the best bathtubs formulated with elite materials to let you relish an ineffable bathing experience.

Higher Return On Investment

Whatever you put in your home remodelling project would guarantee a return on your investment. As per experts, Full bathroom renovation can yield about 60% ROI.

Why Choose Hamro?

  • Knowledgeable Design Team
  • On-time Delivery
  • Years Of Experience
  • Flawless Quality Construction

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